Courageous Conversations

WORKSHOP: 1 day or 2 x half days (in-person or virtual)

Nuts and bolts

  • This workshop uses a blend of input, pair and small group conversation, and interactive activities.
  • Supported by our e-manual and further curated resources.
  • We recommend 8 participants per workshop to enable high levels of psychological safety, confidentiality and to allow participants to experience and practice their conversations.
Courageous Conversations

Why do it

For all of us, there are times when we need to have conversations that aren’t easy.  Those ones that make us feel uncomfortable.  The ones where we are fearful of doing it “wrong”, looking like we don’t know, being judged, or misunderstood.  The ones we would rather avoid than lean into.  Have a read of this Harvard Business Review Article “What Courageous Leaders Do Differently” to understand why we need to develop the capability and willingness to engage in difficult dialogues.

This programme will support you to grow the capability and confidence to hold skilful and courageous conversations.  To get underneath some of the challenges you face when delivering difficult messages and feedback in a human and growth centered way.

What you will learn

On this challenging and interactive programme, you will learn:

  • How to create the conditions which support courageous conversations
  • Understand what stops you from having courageous conversations and how our very human nature can help us lean in instead
  • Techniques and approaches to help build stronger relationships and the basis for more conversational courage
  • How to give feedback in a human and growth centered way that is beyond a conversational process
  • Preparing for, and feeling more confident about having authentic and courageous conversations

Who it’s for

The Straight Talk programme is perfect for anyone who cares about their people, knows some of the conversations they need to have aren’t easy, and wants to grow their conversational courage.

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In their words...

"A great session to get us thinking about how to have curious and courageous conversations, exploring difference in a really honest way. Thanks, Conversation Space!"

Philippa Bonay
Director, People and Business Services / Office for National Statistics

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