Authentic Conversations

Retention / Performance / Employee Experience

Client: EY

Relationship: 2015-Now

Sector: Professional Services

In their words...

"We worked in collaboration with The Conversation Space on a new and improved addition to our curriculum, which is all about supporting our people to have better conversations. Helen and Sara are great fun to work with, and bring lots of passion for the subject! We are still in the early stages of rollout, but so far our feedback has been very positive, with the business hoping to roll this out more widely throughout 2019/20. Our journey wasn’t always easy, given the changes within our landscape, and a number of competing priorities but we overcame these together and we are pleased with the end result!"

Charlotte Clarke
Learning & Development Manager / EY

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“To achieve an impactful curriculum of counsellor and coaching conversations, transformed through embedded blended learning within the flow of work and underpinned by Conversational Wisdom®”


The Better Conversations Project is a Learning Innovation project established to enable people at EY to have Better Conversations – conversations that enhance employee performance, satisfaction, retention and the overall EY employee experience.

As part of the continued support for the Better Conversations project, The Conversation Space were asked to underpin the Coaching and Counsellor learning curriculum with Conversational Wisdom; our proprietary philosophy and approach that helps leaders improve their leadership capability from a conversational perspective.

The aim was to use Conversational Wisdom® as a framework to underpin and connect all the learning models and approaches, for consistency and coordinated learning.

The approach is aligned with our purpose of strengthening human connections through the power of conversation and the EY Better Conversations curriculum.


The Conversation Space partnered with EY and provided consultancy support to redesign the original 2-day programme to a concise and impactful 1 Day Authentic Conversations programme for senior leaders.

Under the framework of Conversational Wisdom® we designed a 1 day workshop for Senior Managers in EY to explain, develop and practice ‘Authentic conversations’.   This included:

  1. Setting out the learning objectives of the 1 day programme.
  2. Building into the framework existing tools where relevant, and introducing new tools for industry leading learning.
  3. Ensuring that we aligned to the Coaching Culture at EY.
  4. Included some pre and post work to ensure learning is embedded.
  5. Aimed to establish a cohort mentality for continued learning.

The elements of the consultancy project included:

  • Design phase
  • Train the trainer
  • Delivery of first programme


Better Conversations is now business as usual and Conversational Wisdom® underpins the Authentic Conversations programme.

Feedback has been very positive, with the business hoping to roll this out more widely throughout 2019/20.

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