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A team who are passionate about the power of conversations.

Expert knowledge

Our award-winning research unequivocally demonstrates that meaningful conversations are one of the critical pillars of business success.

We have built our careers practicing what we preach. Our depth of expertise in training and development has come from working in over 15 countries, 375 organisations and by helping over 5,300 leaders become more skilful conversationalists.

Emily Cosgrove


My expertise lies in developing people to have more skillful, honest and powerful dialogue – boosting business results and increasing happiness at work. I bring more than 25 years of practical experience, and was a former Young Business Person of the Year.

Sara Hope


My career spans some 25 years in both consultancy and industry roles, most notably in the finance and professional services arena. I passionately believe that training leaders in the value of conversational prowess strengthens organisation-wide connectivity.

Neel Arya


I have worked in change leadership for the last 14 years. I am a creative and pragmatic thinker, committed to challenging and stretching our clients to fulfil their potential and deliver high levels of performance.

Jon Bartlett


I am an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor who lives and works with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Previously I led front line teams in organisations with high intensity operations and an abundance of stressors.

Emily Cadwallader


My background as a global HR leader, and now a coach/ consultant, gives me a deep understanding of personal and cultural change. I support leaders, teams and organisations to be at their best, empowering others to connect through the power of truthful conversations.

Abbie Jackson


As Head of Learning and Development through a large transformation process, I have a deep understanding of the complexities of people in transition. Combined with my strong commercial background I challenge our clients with practical realism.

Kirsty McQueen


I am passionate about building diverse and inclusive organisations through the power of mentoring. Having spent fifteen years in education I have a deep understanding of how people learn, and the importance of creating a safe and open space for honest and supportive dialogues.

Jenny Moore

Virtual Producer

There’s no faster pace than working in Formula One, and this is where I gained the majority of my 25 year’s experience. The high-pressure environment taught me the importance of accuracy and how to cope under time constraints. This gives me the lead in making sure our live virtual experiences are as exciting and bump-free as possible.

Kim Newton-Woof

Kim Newton-Woof


I work as a trusted partner for our client organisations, their leaders and teams, enabling small changes with big impact through meaningful training and development experiences, coaching and facilitation.

Catherine Pugh


I am a business psychologist with a background in learning and leadership development. I am passionate about creating positive working environments where employees at all levels can learn, grow and connect with each other productively - particularly within today’s ever-present virtual space.

Katherine Ray


My corporate roles span senior HR and talent positions within FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organisations. This has given me a deep understanding of how to set up and deliver sustainable value-adding conversational training and development programmes.

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