Speaking volumes.
The business case.

There is a disconnect: leaders are failing to meet their peoples’ needs & expectations… and it’s impacting business performance



Of senior executives believe that they are actively demonstrating the change they want employees to make.


Source: McKinsey Transformational Change Survey

Of employees do…

The Changing Landscape

  • The world is changing. And so is the workplace.
  • We are Speaking up. Challenging. Disagreeing.
  • Deep political and social issues are increasingly entering the narrative and fabric of organisational life. Forward thinking leaders understand that there has never been a more important time to reconsider how they connect with people through their conversations.
  • This is what we do.

How we can help

  • Based on our award winning research “Mastering Conversations”, we create bespoke programmes underpinned by Conversational Wisdom® which:
  • Build trust and boost engagement
  • Drive performance
  • Grow collaboration, diversity and inclusion
  • Support creativity and innovation
  • Develop more empathic organisations

Case studies

Retention / Talent development / Inclusion

Sparkling debate

Talent development / Performance / Employee Experience

Conversations in fashion

Retention / Talent development

The importance of being Ernst

Our approach

Our approach is based on four key principles which underpin everything we do


Values, philosophy and goals to provide direction and guide decision making.

Key people

Understanding stakeholders and groups essential to engage.

Learning journey

Determining the experience that participants will have.

Road map

Guidance on delivery across different channels.

Our values

Why us?

  • Our experience, credibility and strength in conversations is unparalleled.
  • We consult with global organisations at the forefront of leadership conversations to ensure we are always working at the cutting edge of this exciting space.
  • By numbers, we have supported 6,300 managers and leaders become more skilful conversationalists, are currently working with 2 of the Big 4 Global Professional Service Firms, worked in 15 different countries and with more than 375 organisations. Along the way, Conversation Space people have spoken at 18 national and international events, had more than 30 articles published, contributed to four books and won six national awards.
  • All our facilitators are qualified coaches & are experienced in Conversational Wisdom® – modelling the conversations you want your people to be having.

Our experience