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Relationship: 2017
Sector: Luxury retail

In their words...

"The content was spot on, and the expertly facilitated session made me realise that these workshops are very important to our continual growth with Burberry. These skills are useful but the course made me more aware of them and the need to prepare accordingly. The exercises added to the experience and kept everyone on topic. A very successful session."

Participants, Creative Design


The global Powerful Conversations Programme was initiated and launched by Amanda Gosling, Director for Talent. Burberry were keen to personalize performance reviews beyond box-ticking so that they became robust, interactive and motivational performance and career development conversations.


The comprehensive package of support included:

  • Design of bespoke programme, development of detailed facilitator notes and all supporting materials
  • Consultancy on critical elements to programme success (facilitator peer to peer mentoring, marketing & sponsorship)
  • Global train-the-trainer programme combined with joint facilitation to increase learning


  • Due to the positive impact of the pilots, the programme is being rolled out globally to 1,500 managers over a 12-month period
  • The workshop content has been integrated into the Retail Academy and other business processes

The programme is raising the level of conversational skill among line managers and, by doing so, helping to establish a new cultural norm of effective personal interactions across the organisation as a whole.

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