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Client: Leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world
Relationship: April 2017 – Now
Sector: Interactive entertainment

In their words...

"Working together with The Conversations Space is always easy. Experienced and eager to understand the needs and the context of how the training will support the overall goal before delivering. I also appreciate the proactive approach of always wanting to develop the existing sessions and strive for an even better learner experience."

Mårten Källman
Learning Academy Lead / King


With approximately around 2,000 employees globally, this client has grown at an incredible pace since being founded in 2003. People are at the heart of what they do and two specific needs were identified:

1. to support managers to re-connect with their team members to ensure that productivity within all the areas of the business remained high.
2. to empower their individual contributors to take control of and drive their own career development.

In such a creative industry, the need for engaged employees who are more likely to know how to search out new methods, techniques and innovation is critical to stay competitive and cutting edge.

A general lack of conversational experience and skill is one of the top barriers businesses face in the UK. Acknowledging this and investing in the capabilities of their managers to drive impactful conversations through the business, was the driver for this client to get to the heart of the challenges of engagement.


In partnership we developed two distinct offerings to support these two sides of the engagement puzzle. One to support managers: Re-Recruit (part of a suite of management modules available to all managers), and a second: Career Development Conversations, to support all employees, specifically Individual Contributors.

Re-Recruit is designed to help managers understand their responsibility to be the conduit between an employee and the wider business, and to use their conversational skills to continually ‘re-recruit’ them into the business by ensuring they feel connected to the opportunities that it can provide. The idea being that, in turn, this will enable all employees to more effectively and efficiently realise their potential at work through active engagement.

The main objectives of the course are to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of why development conversations matter
  • Offer insight into the motivations of employees and how to interpret and understand these
  • Know how to build trust as a manager and the importance of genuine interest in the career of others
  • Appreciate the psychology of conversations and supporting a conversational mindset
  • Understand how to translate the outcomes of development conversations into clear development steps/actions

Using a blend of theory and thinking stimulus, activities and pair/small group conversations, managers explore and practice conversational skills, along with a toolkit of techniques and a framework. These all help them start to grow the understanding, knowledge and skills they need to drive more human connection, build greater trust and demonstrate more care with their team members – all key ingredients of any good leader.

Career Development Conversations followed the launch of Re-Recruit and was designed to align with the Re-Recruit language, messaging and some of the techniques. The main drivers of the course were to:

  • Help employees understand how to take ownership and control of their careers
  • Grow an understanding that career development is broader than simply progressing up the ladder
  • Expand their view to encompass learning experiences as a rich and valuable part of career development
  • Become better skilled and prepared to have career development conversations with their managers
  • Understand how to structure and articulate their own individual development

A blend of highly interactive sessions along with time to reflect and start to really consider what ‘motivates and drives me at work’, has proved a successful combination with some participants sharing significant
lightbulb moments as takeaways from the course.


Managers are implementing techniques from the Re-Recruit toolkit with successful results, and the building of a shared language on both sides of the engagement equation is actively enhancing better, more engaging conversations.

Globally, 50% (approximately 400) of the managers have been through the workshops.

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