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Virtual or face to face speaker sessions about the power of conversation

Nuts and bolts

  • We deliver 30-90 minute speaker sessions that engage, inspire, and provoke thinking for any audience.
  • They can be virtual or face-to-face.


Emily delivered a live session at William Hill’s International Women’s Day which was broadcast globally to locations in Sofia, Krakow, Gibraltar, Manila and the US. During the talk she covered:

  • The power of conversation
  • How to increase your self-awareness
  • How conversations can empower us or hold us back
  • Conversational Wisdom® – 5 top tips to practice growing courage in conversations

Why do it

Organisations are built on conversations and the way we communicate in the workplace is changing – be more human.

It is through the power of conversation that organisations can truly transform – one conversation at a time.

With many more of us working from home for the foreseeable future, how are you equipping yourself and your people to have brilliant conversations?

Conversations that build a human connection.  Conversations where people feel engaged.  Conversations that create a space for collaboration and interaction.  And conversations that deepen trust.

Our Speaker Sessions inspire participants to explore a different kind of conversation.

A conversation that drives connection, brings joy, grows courage – a conversation that is more human.


Emily Cosgrove is co-founder of The Conversation Space.  Her expertise lies in helping individuals, teams and organisations to have more skilful, honest and powerful dialogue – boosting business results and increasing happiness at work.

She brings 25 years of practical experience, exploring how to be at our best in conversations and build meaningful relationships at work.

Emily proudly volunteers her support to a number of Mentoring Programmes.  With two teenage daughters, she is deeply committed to actively working for the equality of women in every aspect of life.

When not working, Emily can often be found recharging her batteries at the Kenwood Ladies pond, swimming outdoors throughout the year.

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In their words...

"Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space delivered a speaker session exploring what it means to be more human at work and the art of conversation. It was excellent and thought-provoking, the tone and message were spot on. People have a real desire to hear this and the feedback was really positive, particularly around the content/concept of Conversational Wisdom®."

Donal Laverty
Partner / Baker Tilly

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