Conversational Wisdom® Licensed Programme

PROGRAMME: face to face 2-month programme

Who is it for?

This programme is designed specifically for rising talent within organisations keen to develop into executive roles.

Each programme cohort comprises up to 12 participants who collaborate and learn together over a 2-month period.

The programme develops individual leadership skills, behaviour and knowledge through the quality and impact of Conversational Wisdom®.

Over the 3-day programme participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of conversation:

  • To increase connectivity and create a safe space to explore any topic
  • As a powerful lever for organisational change
  • To drive better engagement and knowledge transfer
  • To lift the lid on innovation and creativity


What you will learn

In this interactive and highly experiential programme, participants will:

  • Identify and explore Conversational Wisdom® as a mindset and framework for change
  • Build self-awareness of conversational strengths and development areas
  • Understand the neuroscience behind conversations
  • Examine ways to transform everyday work conversations, such as team meetings, performance conversations, facilitation, and career conversations
  • Engage in conversational practice to develop key mindset, skills, and approaches through direct experience and the experience of others
  • Grow confidence in having more authentic and courageous conversations
Brooke Cagle

Nuts and Bolts

Prior to coming on the programme, you will receive a self-assessment and pre-work to help you build your awareness of your conversational wisdom.

We suggest running Day 1 and Day 2 together, with a 2-4 week gap before running Day 3.

Day 1

  • My Conversational Style
  • Neuroscience of Conversation
  • Key Conversational Skills
  • Inclusive Conversations

Day 2

  • Dialogue as a Change Lever
  • Emotions, Well-being, and Conversations
  • Brave Space & Conversational Courage

Day 3

  • Conversational Wisdom observed practice
  • Case Studies
  • Creating a Conversationally Wise Organisation

There is time built in across the programme to focus on practical application in your organisation.

At the end of the programme, each participant will receive their certification, and we will share the Conversational Wisdom organisational license.

Working with Conversational Wisdom® was such a refreshing approach. We were able to use a well-evidenced and developed model and framework and then very much work with the Conversation Space team to tailor that around our business needs, targeting the areas where we most need to change, to get something that’s really pragmatic and can quickly make a difference to our leaders.

Sara Sheard, Executive Director, People & Change, Incommunities


To find out more:

  • Get in touch and talk to one of the team about how our Conversational Wisdom programme can create lasting cultural change in your organisation.
  • Watch an example of our Conversational Wisdom videos which support the programme.
  • Listen to our ‘Keep Talking’ podcast where Sara Hope talks to Prof. Ciara Eastell about the importance of conversation when driving change.
  • Download an example of a 1-page tip sheet on Career Conversations

In their words...

"TCS partnered with us to design a learning solution to support our managers across the Tesco Group to have better workplace conversations. Under-pinned by Conversational Wisdom®, the offering includes a workshop, videos, and podcast, all of which have been well received by our participants. Throughout the engagement the TCS team has been flexible, added value outside the solution, delivered the project on time, and we would recommend them as partners/suppliers."

Louise Cavanagh
Head of Capability / Tesco Group

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Case studies

Retention / Career Development / Employee Experience

Mastering Conversations

Talent development / Performance / Employee Experience

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Employee Experience / Retention / Performance

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