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Client: Tesco

Relationship: 2020-2021

Sector:  Retail

In their words...

"TCS partnered with us to design a learning solution to support our managers across the Tesco Group to have better workplace conversations. Under-pinned by Conversational Wisdom®, the offering includes a workshop, videos, and podcast, all of which have been well received by our participants. Throughout the engagement the TCS team has been flexible, added value outside the solution, delivered the project on time, and we would recommend them as partners/suppliers."

Louise Cavanagh
Head of Capability / Tesco Group

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Tesco recently reviewed their entire learning offer for 26,000 managers in UK shops, distribution and office, to ensure it was delivering against the future skills required to succeed and thrive. They recognised the opportunity to enhance their existing ‘Tough Conversations’ product, particularly around the theme of strengthening human connection with inclusion at the heart of the learning, and approached Conversation Space.

At a strategic level, the intent was to deliver a solution that contributes to equipping managers with the skills and behaviours needed to lead diverse teams in changing and uncertain times.

In particular, Tesco identified the need to:

  • re-design the Tough Conversations module so that it encompassed Conversational Wisdom®
  • create an engaging and impactful session to equip managers with the skills and understanding to have tough conversations. Ones that are underpinned with trust and build an emotional connection, that support performance, and take people with them
  • support the learning experience with bite-sized, just-in-time content including videos and podcasts.


Our partnership with the Tesco Group Learning & Development Team started with a Thought Generation Session.

The 3-hour virtual session took eight internal stakeholders through our Conversation Space 4-step approach to create a development offering that would deepen the conversational skills of participants.

The output was agreement on next steps together with a deeper understanding of Conversational Wisdom® as a foundation upon which any kind of conversation at work can be based.

The Tough Conversations Module was then redesigned to a broader ‘Mastering Conversations’ module, underpinned by Conversational Wisdom®.

To deliver an engaging and impactful learner experience, Conversation Space created:

  • a series of 3 x 10-minute videos which shine a light on the core elements of Conversational Wisdom® through story, insights, and key take-aways.
  • A 15-minute inspiring podcast offering bursts of inspiration along with key takeaways to inspire thinking about the power of conversation.

You can watch a snippet from the videos here.


“Learning new skills boosts your confidence to be a good leader and understand your team better.”

Mohamed Marzook – Store Manager, Tesco Express


Conversational Wisdom® now underpins the Mastering Conversations learning offering and includes Conversation Space videos and podcast.  The content is hitting all the right spots and forms a core part of the development for all 26,000 Tesco Managers and is being rolled out across the Group.

We look forward to sharing further data on the impact later in the year.

If you would like to have a chat about our collaboration with Tesco, please give us a call.

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