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Client: KPMG

Relationship: 2014 – Now

Sector: Professional Services

In their words...

"We worked with Conversation Space to design a bespoke session which helped our participants explore the value behind the Conversational Wisdom® model in building trusted relationships with their clients. Sara and the team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. In building our session they were inquisitive, flexible and inspiring. The delivery was excellent and really focused on including the room in exploring their own definition of Conversational Wisdom® which worked for them. I would work with them again."

Christine Leitch
Senior Programme Manager / KPMG


KPMG approached Conversation Space with a specific business need around using conversational skill to build trusted relationships with clients.

In particular, they were keen to support their Directors step up to C-Suite conversations using ‘head’ and ‘heart’, and to do it with both confidence and skill.


The experiential workshop, using actors to enhance the learning experience, provided a deep dive into the soft skills that sit behind good conversations and trusted relationships, and was underpinned by Conversational Wisdom®.

Supported with both pre and post workshop activities, participants came away having:

  1.  Explored the softer skills that underpin successful, effective senior level client interactions – particularly listening and questioning
  2. Assessed their current capability and confidence, identified areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  3. Explored personal drivers for behaviour and what to do to change them as/when appropriate
  4. Explored the impact and value of Conversational Wisdom® when seeking to become “the most trusted” for KPMG clients
  5. Understood and developed their own Conversational Wisdom®
  6. Identified next steps to enhance their Conversational Wisdom® with a peer mentor
  7. Got to know each other better… and had a little fun!


As a result of the workshop, participants were equipped with a conversational framework and toolkit enabling them to embed new ways of thinking and communicating with their clients.

The workshop forms part of the core KPMG Catalyst Programme designed to help participants develop the skills, mindset and confidence needed to be effective in senior level client interactions.

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