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Client: NFU Mutual 

Relationship: February 2018 – April 2018

Sector: Insurance

In their words...

"Using Conversational Wisdom®️ to underpin our IT leader programme, has been really powerful. It is helping our leaders prepare for and hold better, braver conversations and offers a reference point for the different, regular workplace conversations all leaders need to have."

Learning & OD Manager / NFU Mutual


2018 was set to be the busiest year yet for IT within NFU Mutual, with a need for people to deliver to fast and high levels.

To support and develop this required high performance of team members, Conversation Space were approached to provide support to strengthen the 1:1 conversations that Managers were having with their team members


Conversation Space delivered a one day workshop underpinned by Conversational Wisdom® blending theory, thinking stimulus, small group discussions and plenty of practice.

The outcomes included:

  • Appreciating the business case for having better, more robust conversations (including career and performance 1:1’s)
  • Understanding how to set and agree clear expectations and aspirations within a conversational framework
  • Understanding how to make 1:1’s count: mindset, behaviours, skills, framework & structure
  • Exploring & practising how to give skilful, honest feedback in any situation
  • Raising awareness of how to deal with emotions: my own and my team members


Since the running of the workshops, NFU Mutual have started to see more individuals who:

  • Have clarity of their job and what they are measured on
  • Understand how they are doing against those measures
  • Have regular conversations with their managers to discuss their progress and where changes need to be made
  • Have a desire to push their performance higher now that they have this support from their managers
  • View giving and receiving feedback – including more challenging feedback – as the norm

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