Conversation Spaces

LIVE 90-minute virtual or face to face workshop

Why do it?

Our ‘Conversation Spaces’ are 90-minute short, sharp, and practical sessions, designed to offer a deep-thinking environment that help increase confidence, cooperation, and the ability to find creative and innovative solutions to real-time workplace challenges, through the power of conversation.

“These sessions are massively important in moving away from old ways of working, breaking down silos, and working in more collaborative and cross-functional ways.”

Adam Coventry, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Boots

How they work

Groups of up to 8 leaders/managers/participants are hosted by one of our expert conversational facilitators (all experienced and qualified coaches).

Being part of a Conversation Space helps to develop the key leadership skills of:

  • deep listening
  • storytelling
  • the art of curiosity
  • trust-building
  • decision-making
  • innovative problem solving

These sessions are the perfect blend of exploration and action.  Participants are invited to bring a live topic, challenge, or opportunity which they will then work through with peers.

They will sharpen their skills, spend time listening, coaching, and being coached; all in a safe, positive and outcome-focused environment.

How leaders have made use of Conversation Spaces include:

  • role modelling resilience to the people I lead
  • exploring how to personally support a new inclusion and diversity strategy
  • reconnecting as a team after working virtually for an extended period
  • structured ‘open space’ to build a deeper level of connection within teams


Nuts and bolts

The LIVE 90 minute workshop is delivered virtually or face-to-face.

  • We recommend 8 participants per workshop to enable high levels of psychological safety, confidentiality and to allow participants to experience and practice their conversations.

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In their words...

"The response from our leaders has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it was the most impactful learning experience they’ve ever had. Already our leaders are putting their personal learning into practice, feeding this forward to their teams and driving positive change in their business areas. "

Adam Goodman-Smith
Leadership Development Manager / Boots

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