Powerful HR Conversations

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Client: Cambian

Relationship: September 2018 – February 2019

Sector: Not for profit


Cambian reached out to Conversation Space with a specific need to up skill their HR Business Partners (HRBPs) to have more courageous and honest conversations with their internal clients and stakeholders.

The aim of the intervention was to enable their HRBPs to develop their mindset around how they partner with the business to both challenge and support the leaders that they work with.  In addition, an opportunity was identified for the HRBPs to role model great conversational skills throughout their support role relationships.


In order to build and strengthen relationships within the team as well as share best practice and roll model a collaborative approach to conversations, we designed and delivered a peer learning programme.

The aim was to provide:

  • The environment to hold challenging yet supportive conversations
  • High levels of trust which enable faster leadership development
  • Real time development of key leadership behaviours through continuous self-disclosure and peer feedback
  • Opportunity to reflect on and learn from experience, and to practice new approaches
  • Transferable tools and techniques to raise the quality of thinking, decision making, action planning and accountability across teams
  • Enhanced collaborative and connective working practices
  • On-going organisational learning and continued conversation

Other elements to the learning experience included:

  1. Participant Interviews
  2. One Day Workshop underpinned by Conversational Wisdom®
  3. Evaluation


The programme was a resounding success evidenced by the evaluation results below, where 0 = Low and 5 = High.  The numbers have been aggregated based on the total number of participants.

  • How valuable was the opportunity to practice skills and received feedback during the workshop (4.2)
  • To what extent have you increased your knowledge of Conversational Wisdom®? (4)
  • To what extent do you feel that you have developed your ability to deal with your current challenges in your role? (4)
  • To what extent do you feel that you have developed your ability to deal with your current challenges in your role? (4)
  • To what extent did you feel you increased your repertoire of tools and approaches for the conversations that you have? (4.2)

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