PROGRAMME: LIVE Online or face to face 12-month programme

Nuts and bolts

An Award-Winning 12-month programme delivered virtually or face-to-face with as much or as little support as you need from the following options:


  • Programme Manager training
  • Thought Generation Session
  • Matching support
  • Business and line manager engagement


  • Conversational Wisdom® mentor/mentee skills launch day
  • Mentee and Mentor e-handbook
  • Booster reflection calls
  • Mid-point review workshop
  • Wrap-up & celebration event
  • Evaluation
  • Roll out support

Why do it

The power of mentoring is undisputed.  Using your own leaders to grow and develop your key asset – your people – builds strength from within and provides regular opportunities to reinforce key leadership behaviours.

We’ve been supporting organisation to make the most of mentoring for 20 years. We know what makes the difference and how to create a gold standard programme

We make sure that mentoring is a win-win-win; for mentees, mentors, and the organisation. From pilot to global rollout, our mentoring programmes are impactful, sustainable, and Award-Winning.

Our programmes:

–       Engage mentors to pay forward the benefit of their own development journey, sharing their career experiences with skill, sensitivity, and impact; at the same time as enhancing their own leadership skills.

–       Enable mentees learn from the experience of others, apply that learning to their own personal and professional development, and grow their own wisdom.

–       Provide organisations with valuable insights through the feedback and opportunities gained from a formal programme.

Find out why the Global Swarovski Mentoring Programme won two Awards and how mentoring conversations can be a positive driver for change in your business.

What you will learn

All of our sessions are tailored to your programme, your audience, their level, and time.

Our sessions are highly participative – so that your mentors and mentees are able to share learning, questions, and practice, and feedback into the group – as well as being highly informative and grounded in academic research and best practice study.

Our sessions are created to:

  • Inspire and engage participants on the power, value, and benefit of mentoring to them
  • Create a shared understanding of what mentoring is and is not
  • Align the programme with the corporate reasons for introducing the scheme and rationale around how this will fit into their personal development
  • Develop participants skills and competencies in mentoring
  • Ensure that mentors and mentees understand the mentoring process and the different roles within it
  • Provide a broad understanding of the kinds of issues mentees might bring to mentoring – to bring mentoring alive
  • Practice some of the skills and techniques that create good mentoring
  • Develop confidence in mentoring so participants are ready for mentoring

In their words...

"Over the last year The Conversation Space have helped us to set up and support our Mentoring at Swarovski Asia/Pacific. Their expertise has ensured that from start to finish the experience for both mentors and mentees has been highly engaging and valuable. The programme has been a huge success with positive and significant impact on both our senior leaders and our rising talent. I fully support and recommend The Conversation Space team."

Francis Belin
Senior Vice President / Swarovski

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