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An e-pocket guide to Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring is a process that reverses traditional mentoring, usually by pairing junior staff to mentor more senior leaders. This concept provides senior leaders with a different perspective and insights through the empowerment of younger people who otherwise may not have the opportunity, or confidence, to share.


This e-handbook:

  • Shares an overview of the key stages of your mentoring relationship and how to make the most of them
  • Provides examples of conversational structures, topics, and reviews
  • Offers reminders on how to be a great Reverse Mentor or Mentee
  • Provides a place to capture key learnings

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Advanced Mentoring Skills

(We’re delighted to be working with Keith Hancox at Lark Design who’s helped us capture the power of conversation in our products)

In their words...

"Conversation Space have provided invaluable support in designing and implementing our reverse mentoring programme. Their insight and guidance has helped ensure a successful pilot in our Birmingham office – the outputs from which have included immediate practical positive steps for the business. We are now rolling out the programme to a number of other locations. I have found Conversation Space a pleasure to work with and look forward to their continued involvement moving forward."

Mark Taylor
Regional Managing Partner / RSM

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