TJ - The Power of Reciprocal Mentoring

If we are serious about creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures, where we respect people’s differences and take time to let people speak up, we need to become more skilled at conversations. It’s no longer enough to just increase wages or perks to retain people. We must focus on the heart of human connection.

Over the last 20+ years we have seen time and again the impact that classic mentoring can have on employee experience, retention of talent, and leadership development. Accelerating career progression, breaking down silos, building trust, and improving a leader’s conversational skills, to name a few.

Reciprocal mentoring plays a huge role in influencing and growing inclusive cultures, building trust in leaders, and nurturing a sense of belonging for all.

To find out more about overcoming resistance to setting up a programme and how reverse or reciprocal mentoring really affects change, read the full article.

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By Sara Hope