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Challenge perspectives.  Create an environment for immediate change.

September saw the celebration wrap-up events for 3 Listen Down Reverse Mentoring Programmes at RSM.

Each programme had a mission to drive cultural change over a period of 9 months by enabling people who may not otherwise normally work with each other, to connect on a one-to-one basis.

Whilst the launch events and training were  face to face, the programme was adapted to become virtual and delivered through a combination of Zoom and Mural.


Mentors continued to value the opportunities to build relationships with more senior Partners (mentees), particularly those from different service lines whom they would not normally talk to on a regular basis.  Mentees (Partners) shared stories of how much they appreciated being challenged on their preconceptions, developing their capacity to listen, and becoming more aware of unconscious biases.

From an organisational perspective, the RSM Reverse Mentoring Programmes have led to:

  • A deeper connection and understanding between people of difference (age, gender, experience)
  • Increased engagement in the firm’s strategic vision
  • A more collaborative way of determining culture/policy
  • Greater empathy which has been particularly important whilst the office is not open as normal

“It was great to have you facilitate and I really feel that it was a positive note to end on.  As we both said on the day it is important to bring to a conclusion.

A massive plus was the value the mentors have driven from this – they feel heard and valued in terms of their opinions and views and I know they have shared their positive experience with peer groups etc.

Thanks to you all for the support throughout the program particularly during the difficult last few months.”

Adam King, Office Managing Partner, RSM

If you would like to have a chat about how Reverse Mentoring can help your organisation change, please get in touch. 

By Emily Cosgrove

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