Conversations - the key to connection

Let’s embrace the gift we all have at our everyday disposal, to support each other and stay connected. Our conversations.

“We’re all in it together.”  Yep, that’s certainly true.  Covid-19 is not a respecter of ethnicity, class, income, job title.  Whether you live in the town.  Or country.  If you are old. Or young.  It touches each and every one of us.  It challenges the very foundations of what we all hold dear.  Our health.  Our loved ones.  Our jobs.  And how we live our lives.

At Conversation Space we have spent the last few weeks reflecting, thinking and attempting to make sense of what’s going on.  We have had moments of panic, feeling vulnerable, feeling scared and we’ve cried.  We have taken moments to slow down.  To appreciate what’s close to us.  The buds of blossom on the trees and the sound of the birds.  Those that live near us and those that are further away, now all on a screen or at the end of a line.

And during these quieter moments we have asked questions about how we continue to remain true to our purpose of ‘Strengthening human connection through the power of conversation’.  What does it mean to be conversationally wise during a pandemic where many of us may be working from home for the first time?  Not being able to be physically close to our family and friends. No sitting together for a cuppa and a catch up.  And at work. No Monday morning get together. No huddles in person.

We recognise the simplicity of what we do. After all, human conversations have existed since we have.  This ancient art form that connects us all together. It’s allowed us to share stories, emotions, ideas. It’s meant we can think together. Think out loud. It’s made it possible for us to create and innovate together, to understand our world. And, to grow as a civilisation.

On the face of it, such a simple, little thing: a conversation. But, right now the way we are having many of our conversations has changed, in a matter of weeks.

None of us know how long we will be in lockdown but as things begin to settle, and they will at some point, perhaps the world of work will have changed for ever.  And our virtual conversations will be a major part of the new norm.

We believe conversations – the way we talk to one another – during this monumental time of change, will have a significant impact on how we experience the coming months.  Talking.  Listening.  Showing we care.  Staying connected.  Asking how someone is.  Helping each other stay motivated, focused and feeling valuable. Having conversations in a skilful way, with awareness, and with humanity.  …. As leader.  Parent.  Carer.  Friend.

Already we have heard wonderful stories about how, paradoxically, our virtual conversations have created opportunities to share more of ourselves. To be more human with our colleagues. Seeing the inside of each other’s houses, meeting our colleague’s family members or pets – sometimes accidentally – working in our T-shirts and running gear rather than suits and boots.

Yes.  We are all in this together. Let’s embrace the gift we all have at our everyday disposal, to support each other and stay connected. Our conversations.

If you would like to have a chat about anything, please get in touch.

By Emily Cosgrove

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