Conversation is the key to change

The ability to have skillful and honest conversations builds trust, boosts engagement and increases business success. Are communication skills up to scratch in your business? Sara Hope has her say.

Research has repeatedly pointed to a relationship between how people are managed, their attitudes and behavior, business performance, and their levels of discretionary effort. Coaching, mentoring and an increased focus on authentic leadership have all been cited as vehicles that help move us towards improved employee engagement, and these all rest on the ability to have skillful and honest conversations.


The old models of command and control, and issuing orders, is no longer a viable approach to engaging colleagues. When leaders are adept at conversations, they do much more than communicate effectively – they drive stronger business results. And now, perhaps more than ever, we must focus on the quality and approach of our conversations if we want to enhance our culture and increase the engagement of our people.

Find out more here in this Training Journal Article: Conversation is the key to change.

By Sara Hope

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