Conversational Wisdom® Videos

We have a series of 3 x 10-minute videos which shine a light on the core elements of Conversational Wisdom® through story, insights, and key take-aways.

They provide a just-in-time resource for your people to broaden their understanding of Conversational Wisdom® prior to attending any workshops or programmes.  You can check out a preview of each one below.

Being Aware

Being Aware in our conversations is where it all starts. When we’re more aware in the conversations we have, we become more skilled in having them.


Being Skilled

Recognising the core skills of conversation can help us learn, practice, refine, enhance and improve our conversational techniques. Growing and developing these skills, helps us whether we are applying them across an organisation, within teams, or to benefit other individuals.


Being Human

Part of what makes us human is that we are hardwired to connect through our conversation – to share thoughts, emotions, ideas, and to grow.

But our conversations could be so much more powerful and engaging, especially at work.


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In their words...

"The response from our leaders has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it was the most impactful learning experience they’ve ever had. Already our leaders are putting their personal learning into practice, feeding this forward to their teams and driving positive change in their business areas. "

Adam Goodman-Smith
Leadership Development Manager / Boots

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