Video Chat: Jo Cook and Sara Hope

Trust, connection, communication, and honesty in the workplace.

In this 15-minute video chat, Jo Cook interviews Sara Hope about the importance of showing empathy and care in workplace conversations (recorded pre-Covid).

Sara talks about the risks of becoming polarised in conversations and why we need to bring more humanity into how we talk to each other.

Amongst other things, they explore how to create the space for people to connect in a more human way in meetings, the impact of language, and how the quality of conversation impacts workplace relationships.

How are your conversational habits helping you and how are they getting in the way?

Grab a cuppa, sit in your favourite chair, and watch the #TJTalks conversation:

In their words...

"We invited The Conversation Space to run an afternoon workshop for us as part of our annual Associates and Senior Associates Conference in Bristol.   We wanted this group of employees to raise the level of conversational skills they have with their clients and understand how to have conversations that build and strengthen successful client relationships.   Emily Cosgrove worked with us before the conference to really understand our expectations and aims.  The event itself was delivered in an engaging, meaningful and interactive way; successfully allowing individuals the opportunity to employ the tools and techniques taught.  As well as it also being a great networking opportunity, delegates came away more confident in their ability to have better client conversations – thank you!"

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