Podcast: Keep Talking with Ciara Eastell

Storytelling, building trust and creating the right environment for important conversations.

In this 30-minute podcast, Sara Hope chats with Professor Ciara Eastell OBE about the importance of conversation during major change (recorded pre-Covid).

Ciara is an experienced senior leader working within the cultural and charity sectors. She was the founding Chief Executive of Libraries Unlimited, the charity that runs 54 libraries across Devon and Torbay. She led the successful establishment of the charity in its first 3 years, helping it secure a reputation as a recognised national leader in entrepreneurial and innovative library and cultural services.

On the back of her TEDx Talk, Ciara chats with Sara about the importance of conversations, connection, and purpose during change.

She talks about the power of storytelling, building trust, and creating the right environment for important conversations.

And her one piece of advice?

Listening. To really listen to what someone’s trying to tell you. To practice listening. And to be ready to adjust your position in light of what you’ve heard.

Packed with anecdotes and insights, this conversation brings to life the power of dialogue and communication when leading and navigating organisational change.

In their words...

"Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space delivered a speaker session exploring what it means to be more human at work and the art of conversation. It was excellent and thought-provoking, the tone and message were spot on. People have a real desire to hear this and the feedback was really positive, particularly around the content/concept of Conversational Wisdom®."

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