Podcast: How to have better conversations

How to have better and more meaningful conversations, with staff, clients, and suppliers.

In this 30-minute podcast, Sara Hope chats with John Waterfield, Director of Strategic Relationships at KPMG, about how to have better and more meaningful conversations with staff, clients, and suppliers.

Together they explore:

  • where Sara’s curiosity in the power of conversation started
  • the importance of building human connection
  • why the quality of conversation in relationships matters
  • Conversational Wisdom® – the key ingredient to great conversations

In their words...

"Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space delivered a speaker session exploring what it means to be more human at work and the art of conversation. It was excellent and thought-provoking, the tone and message were spot on. People have a real desire to hear this and the feedback was really positive, particularly around the content/concept of Conversational Wisdom®."

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Partner / Baker Tilly

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