Listen Up

An e-pocket guide to Mentoring

This e-handbook will support you to successfully begin, grow and make the most of your mentoring relationship.

In here, you will find:

  • Conversational Wisdom®
  • An overview of the key stages of your mentoring relationship and advice on how to make the most of them
  • Reminders on how to be a great mentor or mentee
  • Downloadable forms to capture key learnings from your mentoring conversations


“Mentoring is a helping relationship based on an exchange of knowledge, experience, and goodwill. Mentors help someone less experienced gain confidence, clearer purpose, insight, and wisdom. In developmental mentoring, the mentor, too, is changed by the relationship.”  D Clutterbuck

We suggest you use this e-handbook as a guide for reference throughout the programme for tips and advice, and as a place to record outcomes from and reflections on your mentoring experience.

Please get in touch to find out more.

(We’re delighted to be working with Keith Hancox at Lark Design who’s helped us capture the power of conversation in our products)

In their words...

"Over the last year The Conversation Space have helped us to set up and support our Mentoring at Swarovski Asia/Pacific. Their expertise has ensured that from start to finish the experience for both mentors and mentees has been highly engaging and valuable. The programme has been a huge success with positive and significant impact on both our senior leaders and our rising talent. I fully support and recommend The Conversation Space team."

Francis Belin
Senior Vice President / Swarovski

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