Listen Down - Reverse Mentoring

PROGRAMME: LIVE Online or face to face 9-month programme

Why do it

Although we call our programme ‘Reverse’, it is in practice ‘Reciprocal’ – recognising that both people in any matched pair are responsible for doing the work, sharing their stories and experiences, learning and taking action as a result.

Reverse mentoring is a powerful business development programme. We tailor it to increase connectivity between people of differing levels, generations, experience, race, gender, geography, to drive engagement, skills, and knowledge transfer within and across disciplines.

Reverse mentoring is grounded in the methodology and practice of Conversational Wisdom®. It encourages participants to think differently and break down the barriers of traditional business conversations in an objective way.

Our reverse mentoring programmes bring about cultural change. Ultimately, through reverse mentoring, we can help you build a stronger, more cohesive, and noticeably more effective organisation.

What you will learn

Our programmes enable people who may not otherwise normally work with each other, to connect on a one-to-one basis. This creates a strategic capability for you to expose key populations to specific learning opportunities, to build multi-level engagement, and to harness and disseminate talents.

Reverse mentoring is a powerful cultural development programme that:

  • increases connectivity between people of differing levels, generations, experience, race, gender, geography…
  • drives better engagement, skills and knowledge transfer within and across disciplines
  • brings about cultural change

Wondering what the buzz is around Reverse Mentoring?  Find out more and listen to this 2-minute video where Emily talks about the learning opportunity reverse mentoring provides for more senior people and the power of breaking down assumptions and barriers.

Nuts and bolts

A multi Award-Winning 9 month programme, delivered virtually or face-to-face, comprising:


  • Thought Generation Session
  • Individual matching calls and support
  • Business and line manager engagement


  • Conversational Wisdom® mentor/mentee skills launch day
  • Virtual booster reflection calls
  • Supported first conversations
  • Reflection and idea generation session
  • Celebration event
  • Participant toolkit
  • Evaluation

“The programme has really reinforced to me the importance of team spirit and ‘tone at the top’.  I am trying to focus on providing clear and honest communication and leadership during challenging times.”


In a recent Reverse Mentoring programme over 85% of participants said they had made personal changes as a result of the reverse mentoring and 100% of participants reported the programme matched or exceeded their expectations.

Examples of learning outcomes included:

  • creating a culture which embraces dialogue and feedback
  • increased awareness of the development and issues of junior team members
  • increased confidence speaking up and challenging those who are more senior

To find out more:

  • Get in touch and talk to one of the team about how Reverse Mentoring could help create change in your organisation
  • Have a read of this case study or some of our articles about Reverse Mentoring
  • Download a one-page overview of the programme

In their words...

"Conversation Space have provided invaluable support in designing and implementing our reverse mentoring programme. Their insight and guidance has helped ensure a successful pilot in our Birmingham office – the outputs from which have included immediate practical positive steps for the business. We are now rolling out the programme to a number of other locations. I have found Conversation Space a pleasure to work with and look forward to their continued involvement moving forward."

Mark Taylor
Regional Managing Partner / RSM

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