Lets Talk: The Power of Conversation

WORKSHOP: 60-90 minute bite-size virtual learning session

Nuts and bolts

  • This LIVE virtual 60-90 minute workshop is delivered using Zoom (or platform of your choice) and enhanced by Mural.
  • A blend of input, small group conversation, and interactive activities.
  • Supported by further curated resources.
  • The session can be delivered to a maximum of 100 participants.

Why do it

Communication without connection. It’s how we slowly disengage and drift away.

It’s annoying enough at networking events.  It’s fatal in business. Especially when it’s our own people. And it’s even more critical in the virtual world.

What you will learn

This virtual session will explore:

  • The power that conversation offers us to be at our best as managers and leaders, and to support others to do the same.
  • Some of the barriers that can get in the way of having critical conversations that matter to us.
  • Conversational Wisdom® – a framework to help grow our awareness, skill, and humanity in each and every conversation.
  • Tips for richer, more meaningful conversations at work.

Who it’s for

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who have responsibility for allocating, monitoring, and supporting the work of others and would benefit from growing the capability and confidence for holding skillful conversations.

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In their words...

"I had the pleasure of joining a knowledge-sharing event hosted by Conversation Space. The event was entirely digital, very engaging and lots of fun! They managed to get all the participants talking to each other, exchanging ideas and learning without leaving their homes....a job very well done!"

Lorenzo Giliomee
Head of People Development / O2

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