Keep Talking: Performance Conversations

PROGRAMME: LIVE online (7 hours across 2 days) or face to face  (1 day) programme

Nuts and bolts

  • This LIVE virtual programme follows the format of two x half-day, highly interactive virtual workshops delivered using Zoom (or platform of your choice) and enhanced by Mural.
  • We use a blend of input, pair and small group conversation, and interactive activities.
  • Supported by our e-manual and further curated resources.
  • We recommend 8 participants per workshop and a maximum of 12, to enable high levels of psychological safety, confidentiality and to allow participants to experience and practice their conversations.

Why do it

Do your managers use their performance conversations to help build a culture of inclusion and belonging?

Performance management is all about the conversation. According to Gallup, only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them.

Do people leave their performance conversations in your organisation like they belong, that you care, and understanding what they need to do differently to succeed?

What you will learn

This programme helps participants to grow knowledge and develop skills as well as raise awareness of how to deepen engagement and motivation through powerful performance conversations.

  • Learn how to strengthen human connection, set and agree clear expectations, and build trust within a conversational framework
  • Develop ability and increase confidence to face into these necessary conversations
  • Understand how to make 1:1’s count: mindset, behaviours, skills, framework & structure
  • Explore & practice how to give skilful, honest feedback in any situation

Who it’s for

The Keep Talking programme is perfect for team leaders and managers who want to:

  • make robust and meaningful performance conversations become part of the everyday norm.
  • engage in a more human way and understand their responsibility to be the conduit between their team members and the business.
  • strengthen their conversational skills to help drive motivation by ensuring their people feel connected to the opportunities that the organisation can provide.

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In their words...

"The response from our leaders has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it was the most impactful learning experience they’ve ever had. Already our leaders are putting their personal learning into practice, feeding this forward to their teams and driving positive change in their business areas. "

Adam Goodman-Smith
Leadership Development Manager / Boots

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