Conversation Starter Cards

Designed to spark more meaningful conversations

How often do you dive straight into conversations about business?

When did you last focus on building a more human connection?

We believe a great conversation starts with being curious.

And in this set of cards, you will find some engaging prompts for having a different kind of conversation.

One that brings more joy, soul and meaning into your interactions.

Example cards:

  • Text, WhatsApp or phone call?
  • Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Humans are…
  • What’s a quote you live by?

Please get in touch to find out more.

(We’re delighted to be working with Keith Hancox at Lark Design who’s helped us capture the power of conversation in our products)

In their words...

"I had the pleasure of joining a knowledge-sharing event hosted by Conversation Space. The event was entirely digital, very engaging and lots of fun! They managed to get all the participants talking to each other, exchanging ideas and learning without leaving their homes....a job very well done!"

Lorenzo Giliomee
Head of People Development / O2

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