Podcast: Keep Talking with Olu Odubajo

Being conversationally wise and connecting with friends and colleagues in a human way.

Olu Odubajo describes himself as an “Intrapreneur” – creating and leading change from within an organisation.

He is creator of the “Not Your Everyday” podcast, launched KPMG’s Reverse Mentoring Programme and created the firm’s first Black Entrepreneurs Awards.

In this podcast with Emily Cosgrove, Olu talks about Conversational Wisdom® and what helps him to be conversationally wise and connect with friends and colleagues in a human way.

They discuss the power of mentoring conversations, bursting the corporate bubble, and practical ways to find the space and time to have those all-important quality conversations at work.

In their words...

"Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space delivered a speaker session exploring what it means to be more human at work and the art of conversation. It was excellent and thought-provoking, the tone and message were spot on. People have a real desire to hear this and the feedback was really positive, particularly around the content/concept of Conversational Wisdom®."

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