Small Talk. Big Deal: Career Conversations

PROGRAMME: LIVE virtual or face to face 90 minute workshop

Nuts and bolts

  • This LIVE virtual (or face to face) 90-minute, highly interactive workshop is delivered using Zoom (or platform of your choice) and enhanced by Mural.
  • We use a blend of input, pair and small group conversation, and interactive activities.
  • Supported by our e-manual and further curated resources.
  • We recommend 15-20 participants per workshop to enable high levels of psychological safety, confidentiality and to allow participants to experience and practice their conversations.
Career Conversations

Why do it

Are your managers communicating with their people to ensure they’re engaged and don’t jump ship?

There has never been a stronger imperative for managers and leaders to show that they care by building genuine connection and trust with their people.

Understanding expectations and drivers helps build a sense of belonging, empowers meaningful career decisions, and is key to retaining motivated and engaged talent.

What you will learn

The workshop is designed to help you:

  • Deepen understanding of the core elements of powerful career conversations
  • Tools and techniques to enable someone to take responsibility and make great career decisions for themselves
  • Recognising personal genius and career passion – how to support someone to fully be themselves
  • Enabling someone to creatively explore ideas for their future and identify next steps

Who it’s for

Small Talk. Big Deal is perfect for HR teams, Line Managers, and People Leaders who want to engage in more powerful career conversations which uncover an individual’s aspirations and motivations, enhancing engagement and retention

To find out more, or download our free Career Conversations Tip Sheet, get in touch

If you’re interested in the topic, why not watch our webinar “Career Conversations: Ladder or Lattice” where Emily Cosgrove was joined by Trevor Hudson, Senior Learning Business Partner from King and Jo Cook from Lightbulb Moment (recorded pre-covid)

In their words...

"We wanted to make sure we were offering a service that was powerful and different compared with what we had before. The session gave us exactly what we needed in terms of tools and techniques. It also challenged me to think about some of my expectations of the service we were providing. "

Nicola Pye
Senior Manager, Firm Wide Talent Development / The Ernst and Young

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