Advanced Mentoring Course

LIVE Online three x 90-minute interactive modules


Whether you are already a mentor, a leader or an aspiring mentor, taking part in our Advanced Mentoring course will help you deepen your skills in dialogue and grow your Conversational Wisdom® to lead powerful and inspiring conversations.

You will:

  • Reflect on and develop your own mentoring/leadership conversational skills
  • Grow the art and science of helping others do their best thinking
  • Practice and take away practical techniques

“I have just completed the Advanced Mentoring Skills course run by Conversation Space. Without doubt, it was the best virtual training programme I have been on. As a trainer myself I know how hard it is to create behavioural change, especially in a virtual environment, and this course delivered. Run over 3 x 90-minute workshops, I found it incredibly thought-provoking and easy to fit into my working week, and I came away with lots of ideas to embed in my mentoring conversations, as well as the organisation.”

Melanie Palethorpe, Learning & Talent Development Advisor, Michelmores


This highly interactive, course offers a blend of input, pair and small group work, conversational practice, and individual action planning.

Working in a small group of up to 12 enables high levels of psychological safety, confidentiality, and space for exploration, feedback, and practice.  Facilitated by our highly experienced mentoring experts with 20+ years’ experience of supporting mentoring programmes.  Delivered using Zoom, enhanced by Mural, and supported by our e-manual.

Advanced Mentoring Skills


  • Strengthen conversational skills to help others do their best quality thinking
  • Greater confidence to have authentic and courageous conversations
  • Understanding how to use conversations to build trust, develop stronger relationships and greater collaboration
  • Increased awareness of how behaviour influences the quality of conversations
  • Tools required to hold challenging conversations with skill and impact

Watch the short video below to hear more:

Programme Detail

You can see further detail about the course content for each module here.


Please get in touch to find out more.  You can email Emily at or call 07880 656827.

By Emily Cosgrove

In their words...

"The Kerning the Gap mentoring scheme, which has now helped hundreds of women to drive forwards in their careers, simply wouldn’t exist without the generosity and straight-up excellence of the team at The Conversation Space. Their passion for mentoring is unparalleled, and feedback from participants always excellent. It’s an absolute pleasure to have developed this programme with them."

Nat Maher
Managing Director / Bosh.TV

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