Conversations - Why Now?
Five years older and a whole lot wiser!

Changing conversations – Five years older and a whole lot wiser!

From fashion to banking, charity to law, our client list contains names from an eclectic range of backgrounds. The one thing that connects them? We’ve strengthened their human connection through the power of conversation.

1,826 days, two offices (plus a dog), and many cups of coffee

A birthday is a time to reflect on the years gone by, and in this webinar we’re delighted that founding members of Conversation Space: Emily Cosgrove and Sara Hope have both joined us on our live webinar with virtual classroom expert and The Conversation Space’s webinar series host, Jo Cook, “Conversations – Why Now”.

By Sara Hope

By Emily Cosgrove

In this webinar, they discuss:

  • What drove them to set up a business focusing on the power of conversations at work
  • What they’ve learnt along the way
  • Their views on whether human conversation is becoming a luxury good
  • Their hopes and dreams for the future

Check out the ‘Conversations – Why Now?’ Webinar here.

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