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Sara Hope explores the importance of conversation in developing people and providing business success

Conversations are one of the critical pillars of business success. They are the essence of how we connect, learn, share, inspire and deliver results. They have the power to
evoke excitement, passion, curiosity, and they can also lead to fear, anxiety and distrust.

In a constantly changing world, there has never been a stronger imperative for leaders to have greater flexibility to engage in conversations in different ways. The old models of command and control and issuing orders is no longer a viable approach to engaging colleagues. Growing
numbers of millennials are hungry for  autonomy.

They expect to have their opinions listened to and be given the opportunity to make their own decisions, their own mistakes and to learn during every step of the way. To compete and prosper in a growth environment, organisations need people
who can ask and seek answers to new questions, solve new problems and anticipate barriers before they arise. This requires a willingness by leaders to think differently about themselves. It challenges the traditional notion of expertise and hierarchy within the system. Promotion is no longer the merit of those who have relied solely on their technical expertise or developed the latest high tech product. Smart leaders in today’s organisations need to be able to have conversations that inspire others to follow and think for themselves. It equates to having an ability to encourage creative thinking and valuing the views of another human being. It comes from the ability to ask great questions and the ability to truly listen. And it comes with a degree of vulnerability to speak honestly when things go wrong, and the resilience to learn from mistakes.

Leadership is a conversation.

You can download and read the full article here.

By Sara Hope

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