Speak Your Mind

A one day workshop to give people the skills and confidence to have more meaningful conversations about mental health

Why invest in Speak Your Mind?

Nine in ten employees are affected by mental health issues.

More of us are willing to speak about this at work, but only one in five (20%) report an improvement in workplace training to help manage our own mental health.

It’s time to change the conversation

Five reasons to do it

  1. Increase empathy and human connection – conversations are the essence of how we connect, learn, share, inspire and deliver results.  They are one of the critical pillars of business success.
  2. Banish the stigma – start to normalise conversations about mental health.
  3. Help your people lean in – learn how to use Conversational Wisdom® as a foundation for conversations about mental health.
  4. Change the conversation – leadership is a conversation. Learn how to make the most of something you do every day to promote a more positive and open culture around mental health.
  5. Learn from experts – our workshops are facilitated by mental health first aiders, Conversational Wisdom® accredited facilitators, and are underpinned by our latest award winning research.

Workshop Overview

Speak Your Mind is a one day workshop to help give people the skills and confidence to support one another and to have these, sometimes difficult, conversations.

The workshop is designed to help your people:

  • notice if someone’s struggling and understand what they can then do about it
  • be able to use real-time conversations to understand how people are feeling
  • create an environment where it’s OK to say ‘I’m not OK’
  • remove the stigma around having mental health conversations.

“A massive thank you to The Conversation Space for their support in designing and facilitating a really fresh and engaging Conversational Wisdom® session for our Senior Leaders.

The response from our leaders has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it was the most impactful learning experience they’ve ever had. Already our leaders are putting their personal learning into practice, feeding this forward to their teams and driving positive change in their business areas.”

Adam Smith, Leadership Development Manager, Boots UK

Who is the workshop for?

Speak Your Mind is perfect for HR teams, Line Managers and People Leaders who want to be their best selves in conversations about mental health.

Leading global companies like EY, Boots, KPMG, Burberry, Swarovoski, The Body Shop have turned to our Award Winning programmes to improve one of the critical pillars of their business success – conversations.

Each workshop will comprise of up to 12 participants who will collaborate and learn together in different ways during the day.

Workshop details

Our next open workshop is as follows:

Date: Tuesday 4 June 2019

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Venue: The Wallace Space, St Pancras, London

Cost: £495 (excluding VAT)

To book your place, please click here or get in touch for further information if you would like to run this in-house.

By Sara Hope

By Sarah Rudder