Ladder or Lattice

How much time are you spending planning your next holiday compared with your career?

The video below from The London Business School highlights how the world of work is changing in the age of longevity.


We’re looking forward to running our 90-minute virtual “Small Talk. Big Deal – Career Conversations” workshops for our clients as part of Learning at Work Week 2021.

This year’s theme focuses on ‘our human capacity to learn, how we can be great lifelong learners, and the importance of connection and community for empowered people and dynamic organisations.’

Career conversations seem like a great place to start!

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By Emily Cosgrove

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In their words...

"Working together with The Conversations Space is always easy. Experienced and eager to understand the needs and the context of how the training will support the overall goal before delivering. I also appreciate the proactive approach of always wanting to develop the existing sessions and strive for an even better learner experience."