Kerning the Gap mentoring programme with Natalie Maher & Emily Cosgrove

We’re super excited to be supporting the next Kerning the Gap mentoring programme with Natalie Maher  & Emily Cosgrove. Click the link for everything you need to know and more:

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“Let’s change the world one great leader at a time.  Sign up for the Mentorship Programme now.” 

Kerning the Gap was set up by Nat Maher, CEO, Pollitt & Partners, back in 2015 to help support female talent in the design industry and encourage more women to reach leadership positions.

The network promotes gender equality in the design industry, and has launched a third round of its Mentorship Programme to kick off in September 2018. Spaces are now available for both mentors and mentees to sign up to here.    

Kerning the Gap aims to support the growth of the next generation of leaders whilst raising awareness to eradicate gender obstacles that stand in their way” said Nat.  If this issue is important to you, help us to make a difference.  If you’ve already squeezed through the gap, come and share what it took, and help change our businesses for the better; if you’re looking for a way through, come and be inspired.”

Following the huge success and positive feedback from the two last schemes which we also supported, the third Mentorship Programme will kick off with a ‘Speed Matching’ event on 19th September in Covent Garden. The event will give female designers and creatives the opportunity to meet potential mentors who align with their goals. Once guests have been paired there will be a second event on the 2nd October at Wallacespace, Covent Garden to provide support and training that ensures both parties get the most out of their relationship.

By Emily Cosgrove