Super excited to have contributed to the new The Learning and Performance Institute L&D Capability Map hashtag#LPICapMap 

Feel under pressure? You’re not alone. The traditional model of learning and development (L&D) is straining to meet the needs of today’s businesses. They need more than a schedule of courses and a suite of online resources. They need an L&D department with the skills to support short-term performance, build long-term capability and provide strategic guidance.

But what are the skills that the 21st Century L&D Department needs?

Working with a group of over 40 learning experts world-wide, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) set out to identify these skills in May of this year. The result of their deliberations: a refreshed LPI L&D Capability Map, to be launched in early October. The LPI L&D Capability Map describes 25 skills, across 4 levels.

You can find out more by joining this webinar with Michelle Ockers Donald H Taylor as they explore the skills that the 21st century L&D dept needs

By Sara Hope

By Emily Cosgrove