2019 has been an eventful year for us here at TCS!

Conversation Space turns 5!

Sara creates a new hub in the South West and is rapidly joined by Office Manager and all round brilliant organiser, Louise and our wonderfully creative and perspective reversing apprentice, Rhys.  Work starts with fabulous new clients including Ella’s Kitchen, Coty, Pukka and HM Treasury.  Emily picks up the microphone and is invited to speak about the power of human connection at work – she hasn’t dropped it yet!

New associates are welcomed aboard including Cat and Emily. Keith works his design magic and brings to life ‘So to Speak’ – our new e-book.  Corks fly when our Listen Down Reverse Mentoring Programme wins an award with RSM.  Conversational Wisdom is grown through programmes at EY, KPMG, Boots, Swarovski, King & Imagination amongst others.

Not long to go until the launch of Straight Talk – Conversational Courage in January. All the while leaving time for half marathons, wild swimming, family life, and adventures in far flung places.

No longer is it the Sara & Emily show. It’s a team thing!

By Sara Hope