The power of reversing normality – life as an apprentice

My work here with The Conversation Space has just spanned 3 months now and one of the things that has become clear to me, is the importance of turning the tables, eliminating the traditional barriers of a top down hierarchy and allowing younger staff to input with a fresh pair of eyes and an alternative perspective. At TCS, we focus upon ‘reversing the norm’ which in fact increases connectivity between levels of experience and generations of staff.

Here at Conversation Space this month we have reversed the norm. For November, I have been given the responsibility to edit the newsletter, more senior people making the coffee and best of all, we are all taking turn to bake cakes for the office. This has bought a new energy to the office as it is clear that we work together rather than working for one another.

Personally, I highly value being able to input my thoughts, ideas and perspectives as this drives me to be more engaged on a day to day basis. I am always encouraged to give my thoughts and ideas and even to challenge the way things are done. Someone understands, listens to me, there’s always somebody there and this, in some measure, increases my productivity.

As a result of being personally involved within this generational movement of success, I feel this should be a part of every modern-day business. Reversing the norm will strengthen networks in your business, strengthen relationships with your colleagues and strengthen trust in your business environment. At the end of the day: development, engagement and recognising my own success, is helping to grow me as a future leader.

How are you turning the tables to challenge the traditional top down hierarchy?

Be sure to check out how Reverse Mentoring is put into action here with our programme with RSM.


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