Striking up a Conversation

My first month as an apprentice with TCS – Rhys Phillips, our Business and Marketing Apprentice.

Rhys' first day as a part of the TCS team

I began working as a Business and Marketing apprentice with The Conversation Space on the 12th August 2019, and to sum up this month it has been exhilarating. Working with a highly skilled, friendly and great team of professionals which have made me feel nothing but welcome into their business.

My first day with TCS, I was extremely apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect. But after spending the day setting up accounts, saving passwords – of which I still can’t remember – and getting to know my colleagues. The first task I was given was to gain analytics from the website and create a report to send to Louise – Office Manager – which I believe she was extremely impressed with. Overall, my first day was extremely overwhelming as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I progressed on to complete my first week with TCS I felt welcomed and had been shown the ropes of the business. This independence which I had been given starting with TCS provided me with a level of maturity that I developed during this week. My first week was a ‘get to know what was going on’ and introduction to everything, I was given small tasks such as analyse the google analytics of the website which I presented using PowerPoint. I began to thoroughly enjoy working here as I felt I was doing something that I enjoyed: great people, great values and a great environment to work in.

And now, as I sit here a month later and what feels like forever that I have been sat here! Its not a bad thing because I love it. I love the responsibility, the sense of personal and professional achievement. Within this month I have felt I have developed as a person both inside and outside of the workplace, developing skills that I can use for the rest of my life.


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