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Sara Hope and Emily Cosgrove examine the changing face of career conversations in the new war for talent

Let’s face it. If you’re a CEO, team leader, or performance manager, the only thing you really have is your employees’ commitment and engagement. Understanding the new millennial career path (more like career spaghetti than a career ladder) and being able to skilfully create a meaningful dialogue around it, is critical for retaining a talent-rich organisation.

With the average cost of recruiting a member of staff being more than £30k, the message is clear: engaging our modern 21st century workforce is an urgent issue for us all.

However, many companies today are not setup to attract, let alone retain, talented millennials as they operate under outdated processes that do not reflect the changing attitudes of the new generations and the world they live in.

This article examines how two organisations, EY and Swarovski, are strengthening their internal conversational skills, particularly around careers, to drive talent engagement in the 21st century. We hear how their talent creation stems from engaging both the heart and the head, together with their key insights into the changing attitudes of millennials towards career and personal development in the new war for talent.

You can download and read the full article here.

By Sara Hope

By Emily Cosgrove

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