2019 CIEEM Summer Conference

Health and Well being in the Ecology and Environmental Management Profession

“Conversations are how we connect. At work. At home. With friends. With colleagues. With clients. They are the golden thread that can either work for us or against us. They can lead to trust or distrust.  Make us feel threatened or safe. They are the lifeblood of organisations.”

This one day event will use case studies and testimonies to share how individuals and organisations at a range of scales are taking steps to improve the health and well being of individuals and workforces.

Emily Cosgrove will tell us that it all begins with the power of conversation, and will be doing a speaker session: “Speak Your Mind – having difficult conversations in the workplace”.

  • the power of conversation
  • the role of Conversational Wisdom® in helping people talk about their feelings at work
  • what organisations can practically do to support people to have a different conversation around mental health and wellbeing



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By Emily Cosgrove